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Socializing in the Sunshine!

"I make my own sunshine!"

-Alyssa Bonagura

Sunshine, barbecues, pool parties are what is most often associated with this time of year. This is not only a fun time to be outside enjoying the sun with your friends and family, but these outdoor activities are also great opportunities to practice social skills with your kids.

Most often when going to a pool, lake, or beach there are lots of people especially when the weather is nice. These outings present situations to practice important social skills such as: waiting patiently on a line, turn taking when sharing sand toys, and being aware of others when swimming. These skills can be challenging for most kids but even more so for children who have difficulty with pragmatic language. Encouraging and modeling turn taking, waiting, being aware of personal space, as well as being respectful and polite when going to parties are some of the ways to help your children improve their social skills.

Another social activity is going to a playground, this presents many opportunities for encouraging your children to play with others. For children who find it difficult to play with other kids, start by having your child swing side by side a peer on the swing set. This parallel play is a good way to ease your child into being around peers without having to play directly with another child. Helping your child to become more comfortable playing with other kids can make being out in the sunshine that much more enjoyable!

We hope that you find these tips helpful. To receive more information or to inquire about therapy for your child please contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Joy Hollander-Fink, MA, CCC-SLP and Jill Hollander, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologists

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